Every Breath You Take

Please check out, what was brought to my attention and I’m sure you will approach and appreciate our regular breathing exercises and my explanation about Prāṇāyāma* in class even more!  Three days ago this article in the Wall Street Journal by Sumathi Reddy described, that now even Doctors start trying to use the most basic medicine ” Proper Breathing” to enhance their patients’ health and subsequently their quality of life.

Share this information please with everybody, you know! It is so essential and needs to become mainstream knowledge. Thank you!

Namaste ,


*The word is composed of two Sanskrit words: Prana, life force, or vital energy, (noted particularly as the breath), and ayāma, to extend or draw out.


2 Comments on “Every Breath You Take

  1. RoxAnn Madera, Yoga Instructor, — Her effluence; Attaining a healthy body and mind —

    Restarting my life 10 years ago in Orange County, after leaving my large 4 bedroom house in So. Torrance living there for 35 years, is what led me to RoxAnn’s yoga classes. Admittedly, for a 72 year-old then, it was not an easy task.

    Two years after my relocation, The City of Fountain Valley’s Senior Center was constructed, offering many activities including aerobics classes and seminars, which sparked my life. Faithfully, I attended aerobics classes twice a week and was able to engage in playing tennis with the senior groups at Mile Square Park. To say the least, a senior and a new-comer to the area, my family was more than proud of me for the determination to restart my life. Then, to add to that “spark” was when RoxAnn started her yoga classes at the Sr. Center ~7 years ago which I immediately registered, starting from the “Yoga with a Chair” and then advancing to the Solution Classes/Intermediate Classes.

    Not only is it her personality as an instructor that will draw you to her, but it is how she has organized her classes:

    1. All Levels — Beginners with a chair — Advance in different levels.
    2. Limitation of students in each classes so that individual instructions can be offered
    as needed.

    In addition, RoxAnn teaches yoga by her “5 Principles of Yoga”:

    1. Proper Relaxation
    2. Proper Exercise
    3. Proper Breathing
    4. Proper Diet
    5. Positive Thinking and Meditation
    This is RoxAnn’s basis in attaining a healthy body and mind through the practice of yoga.

    For the last 7-1/2 years, I attend her classes faithfully determined to live independently, and thus far, have been able to accomplish that as one of her more senior students. Needless to say, my family, 3 sons and their families, especially my grand-daughter, are all very proud; their “gratitude” extending to RoxAnn and her teaching.

    Her instructions are “superb,” i.e., join her classes and we can only gain from her insight in order to live our lives, physically and our minds as healthy as we can!!!

    A Faithful Student,
    — Yoshi Masuda —


  2. Hi RoxAnn, Timely article. Breathe deeper & slower, live longer & better. I’m good with that. Hug, George



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