‘DO LESS’ by Rachel Jonat

A minimalist guide to a simplified, organized and happy life.  Declutter to destress. Work smart, not hard. Save money and save time.

This book by Rachel Jonat discusses ‘Minimalism’ in home, work, money and life.

This past week in class I read the following passage from this book. Part of the reason for picking this topic is because I have myself recently experienced this time in my life: legacy.

Your home should be a haven. It should be a place to relax, rest, entertain and work  It should be an expression of what you value – be that space to roll out a yoga mat, an inviting dining table for entertaining friends, or the perfect spot to display fresh-cut flowers.

How can you create this space, this home with room to breathe and play and sleep soundly, when you are overwhelmed with all the things that are stuffed inside.

Before we tackle, the seven spatulas jammed into your kitchen utensil drawer, let’s talk about legacy.  

What would happen if you passed away and someone else, possibly a spouse or close relative, had to go through your home and empty it of your possessions?
Would it be an easy task?
Would you have thoughtfully kept things of value that could be passed on or sold or given away?
Would your mementos and photos be carefully culled into a timeline of life events that your family could easily look through, enjoy and quickly decide what parts of which they would like to keep for themselves?
Or would the work of emptying your home be a great burden on someone you love?

These can be sobering and unpleasant thoughts, but if your first reaction is potentially embarrassment, followed closely by motivation, then it’s time to sort the many boxes of high school or college memorabilia you’ve moved many times in many years without opening once.

To quickly and easily declutter your home, think of it as an art gallery.  It’s time to curate your possessions into a simple expression of your purpose and your joys.  There is no room for the unnecessary – those things you might need ‘someday’ or things you keep solely because they were gifts.  Let those go.

Life is far too short to live with things you neither love nor need.




2 Comments on “‘DO LESS’ by Rachel Jonat

  1. RoxAnn,
    Thank you for taking the time to post this “guide.” I listened with care as you read it during my two classes last week, but having it in writing and saving it as one of my “life’s guide” is extra precious.

    The importance of “de-clutter/de-stress” has been indebted within me because of the life’s experience I have endured. First, I have been widowed for over 25 years; settled my older sister’s estate as an executor; and relocated to OC after living in my large 4-bedroom house for 35 years; restarting my life here in OC the last 10 years. With each stage, I mastered to “de-clutter” not only my residences, but my whole life. Not an easy task but, today as an senior citizen in my 80’s,, I’m in a better peaceful existence because of that.

    However, as RoxAnn presented this guide to me today, I realize that there is still some areas in my life that can be de-cluttered. Another goal-setter for me. THANK YOU!!!

    With appreciation,
    Yoshi Masuda


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