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Tough Facts About Osteoporosis And Solutions How to Deal With It!
Wondering what is happening to your balance, where is it going, because it is not getting any better. Concerned about your bone health and how an aging body is taking its toll? What is the relation between the bones and our balance? 
Both components have a strong connection and we will explore that connection together during this workshop.
Our greatest bone mass is acquired during out 20’s and then? Losing our balance starts during our 40’s and the acceleration usually becomes noticeable during our 60’s. Is it all down hill from there?  Doesn’t have to be if you are willing to be pro-active and do something, balance is accumulative.  Let’s explore it together in theory and praxis with hard and clear facts and of course answers.
During the workshop we will not just talk, but also practice how to apply relevant yoga therapy asanas to tackle the issue. In fact you will leave with a different knowledge and insight about bone and balance enhancing exercises. A hand-out with all relevant aspects covered in the workshop is included as well.
You do not have to bring anything specific, but an open mind and a friendly attitude.
You can take notes, but NOT record and there will be time for Q&A. Water and snacks will be provided to keep you alert.
We promise you THREE HOURS of well spent time towards your goal to learn and know more about ’How to find and keep your balance and strengthen your bones health.
Advance registration and payment is necessary as attendance is limited to 25 people. No prior yoga experience necessary.

MORE DETAILS and information about Fee, Date, Location and Time: Check Here!



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