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The images, combined with quotes, invite you to let your mind take a break from your daily routine, get inspired and motivated  to just picture yourself in the shown environment, let your current surroundings go and just relax.

Place the picture framed or unframed in eye height on a wall and sit about 3 feet away from it on a chair, which keeps you in a good posture and allows you to breath deep in and out.

Start by reading the quote – than focus for 5 Minutes on one spot in the center of the image and concentrate on your breath, while you sit motionless staring at the picture. Try to think about nothing – just focus on your breathing
and diving into the image.

You will be surprised how well this little asana for the mind will work.

I love my new series of “Inspirational Images” by Rolf Goellnitz now available at


*Inspiration  is a series of images which has been exclusively developed for Help Your Health by Rolf Goellnitz, Creative Director of OMC Communication LLC and Photographer, whose work has gained recognition through numerous national and international awards in both Europe and the USA.

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